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  • YENNENGA royal

    Yennenga was an African princess, who lived over 900 years ago, the daughter of Nedega, an early 12th-century king of the Dagomba Kingdom in what is now northern Ghana. She was beautiful and became a cultural icon, a woman with a strong character and an independent mind and beloved princess who from the age of 14, fought in battle for her father against the neighbouring Malinkés. Skilled with javelins, spears and bows, she was an excellent horsewoman and commanded her own battalion. Yennenga is considered by the Mossi to be the mother of their empire and many statues of her can be found in the capital city of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou.



    YENNENGA is a golden macramé collection hand knotted by Melissa Simon-Hartman


    YENNENGA royal includes:

    Metallic swimwear
    Long gold hand knotted macramé crop top with long fringe arms

    All accessories

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      All of our costumes are made to order and production commences as soon as a deposit is paid. Due to the nature of how orders are processed, we cannot offer refunds for cancellations. Costumes are transferrable to another client, of similar measurements but please inform the Simon-Hartman or Legion Mas team of the new client so that their details are registered on our system. We cannot accept liability for costumes that are not an ideal fit, should you decide to transfer the order to another client. In the event of a cancellation, please send an email to the team at or All deposits paid are non-refundable!

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